How to get Perfect Nails with Semi-Permanent Enameling

What do you mean by Permanent Enameling?

It is a kind of cosmetic treatment that consists of the union of semi-permanent enamel which also includes classic nail enamel. They need to get dried viaa UV lamp or LED, which makes the nails instantly strong and hard. They look similar in appearance and texture like the semi-permanent enamels and slightly identical to that of classic nail polishes, just in the form of liquid that is shiny or glossy. And if you are looking for next-generation kind of nail treatment, then Pintauñas semipermanentes is the best type of procedures that are also applicable to nude colors or the nature of French manicure.

How to apply and remove them?

Please follow the instructions mentioned in the site of that is a standard manicure.Firstly,the applicant needs to polish their nail so that the enamel adheres better on the surface of the nail. Then they need to apply a transparent base coat and need to dry the nails under UV light, which will harden the nail facing the layer of applied colored enamel. Later on, need to asktwo more coats of gel construction enamel that is your favorite color. Every time the coating is employed in the process of manicure the nail is placed under the lamp to fix the chosen color of nail polish. At the final stage apply a layer of top coat enamel to setyour nail color. Hence this kind of manicure treatment will make your weak and brittle nail harder, stronger and scratch-proof that looks perfect at all time.

Constructores semipermanentesWell at the time of nail enamel removal the applicant needs to go to their nearest beauty saloon, where the beautician will first apply a Nail Cleanser or cuticle oils to remove the enamel that protects your cuticle. Then, they will implement a chemical substance using cotton known as acetone on your nail. Next, they will wrap your nail with silver paper, and leave for 15 minutes. Once you drag the silver paper next to the cotton, the enamel on your nail is removed.If at all you find any remains then they can be easily removed using an orange stick. By this treatment, your nails do not suffer any damage or tear.

The other possible way to undergo semi-permanent enamel removal at home is buying a Semilac manicure kit which you can use at your house. This kit mainly includes a gel-based enamel (non-acrylic) and an LED lamp to dry the coating on the nail. Recently they had reached in many beauty salons. Hence get prepared to remove your semi-permanent enamel using only cotton, acetone and silver paper. See it is that Fast and easy to perform a manicure without leaving your home or at the workstation.


It’s never too late to begin your own manicure treatment. Whether you need to apply or remove the semi-permanent enamel on your nail, buy the full manicure kit sold by Semilac brand at a reasonable price with free shipping. Their products are easy to use,and high quality made to perform the process of manicure and keep your nails safe.